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How do I know if my clothes need to be dry-cleaned?

Most garments will contain instructions on their tags stating whether or not they need to be dry-cleaned. You can also look for symbols on the tags for an indication: a circle is the symbol for dry cleaning, and a circle with an x through it means do not dry clean. If you are still unsure, bring it in to Chris French Cleaners, and we will help you determine what method should be used.


Does Dry Cleaning Shorter Clothing Life?

Contrary to what some people believe, dry cleaning doesn't shorten the life of clothing. Actually, it can prolong the garment's life, because the dry cleaning process removes soil and dirt that can abrade the fabric and cause it to wear prematurely.


What is the Dry Cleaning Care Label For?

For the best results, leave care labels on your garments. They offer dry cleaners valuable information on how to treat specific fabrics and fabric combinations. Although care labels aren't always 100 percent accurate, they do offer guidance for dry cleaners and a level of protection for consumers.


How Can I keep My Clothes Looking like New Longer?

Many people are frustrated when they purchase a bright white or colored garment and then see it lose some of that brightness with each wash. Having your clothes dry cleaned is one of the best ways to make sure they look like new for longer period.


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